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Get That Grant – Grant Writing Planning Toolkit

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Welcome to the Grant Writing Planning Toolkit. This is system is to guide you and your organisation through the responsibilities of applying for and obtaining, a grant. This is a practical toolkit that educates as you prepare for submitting your first applications and is in four phases:

  • preplanning and preparation (your organisation’s capacity and getting your paperwork in order)
  • applying for grants (what you need to know, building your business case and what it means for your people, systems and processes
  • presubmission checkpoint – checklists to ensure you’ve covered enough detail, and covered all the stages of an application
  • Post submission responsibilities – why the long wait and contractual obligations

The toolkit includes resources to:

  • Audit your organisational capacity and get your paperwork in order
  • Build your business case
  • Prepare for a grant
  • Navigate the grant writing eco system
  • Teach yourself grant writing – how things works and where to find the right clues to complete a winning submission
  • Put you in the right mindset
  • Check you’ve answered the questions correctly
  • Tick off the steps before you press the submit button
  • Prepare you for the responsibility of entering into a formal funding agreement