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Get That Grant – Grant Writing for Beginners

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Our Self-Paced Grant Writing for BeginnersTraining Program – with the templates you’ll need to get your funding proposal over the line

  • each module includes a video, manual, checklists and templates
  • BONUS Grant Writing Manifest to get the admin questions out of the way and ready for the fun stuff
  • Grant Writing Checklist – keep you organised so you don’t forget something important
  • Share with others in your organisation (only)

The program involves:

  • Triple your income in 90 minutes overview
  • Exploring Funder-mentals by getting inside their head to understand what they are looking for
  • A simple project planning process to get real on how long the project will take, how much and who should be involved
  • Understanding the budget and what you can include in the costs
  • Identifying and planning for risks so you can save your project when things don’t go to plan
  • How to prove the project was successful
  • Secrets of quality and trust
  • Bonus project planning tools to help you
    prepare a realistic project plan that will work
  • 12 weeks of support and motivation to complete the program
  • Certificate of completion at the end of the program